Special Hobby Curtiss P-40K-5 Warhawk of Major Edward Nollmeyer in 1/72 Scale

“Big Ed” Nollmeyer was the Commanding Officer of the 26th Fighter Squadron 51st Fighter Group based at Kunming, China.  Nollmeyer was an ace with five victories.  The model represents his personal aircraft serial number 42-9768 displaying her ultimate set of markings.  Decals are from the kit with the exception of the blue-bordered national insignia which came from the spares box, I felt the red-bordered insignia were less likely to be accurate during the period when the shark’s mouth and five kill markings were carried.























6 thoughts on “Special Hobby Curtiss P-40K-5 Warhawk of Major Edward Nollmeyer in 1/72 Scale

  1. Its funny how kit/decal manufacturers love that red bordered insignia! No doubt it looks good, but it was in use for what, two months? And no one fighting the Japanese wanted it anyway!
    So yeah, good call on the blue. It still looks pretty darn sharp.

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    1. Thanks Dave! I debated on the red / blue border question. There are color pictures of this same aircraft with two kills and red borders, but without the shark mouth and without the OD areas. IF they followed directives the red would have been replaced with blue in mid-August, but it is possible that either borders could have been accurate at different times.


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