A Tour of the Secret Underground Workshop

I am fortunate to have both a basement and a tolerant wife.  The basement follows the footprint of the house, but the wall layout meanders about as a continuous space broken up by the mechanical requirements of the structure.  There is one separate room which we use as a guest bedroom but the rest is all open “pass through” area.  One “zone” is a workout room, another houses the entertainment center, and the area most relevant to this blog is where I do my modeling.
This is the modeling bench, made from kitchen cabinet components, plywood, and covered with a glass worksurface.  Overhead are four can lights to illuminate the worksurface and two stereo speakers to pipe in music or my favorite podcasts while I work.  On the left are two B-17s which have stalled for several months awaiting paint masks.  In the foreground are the recently completed StuGs ready to go into the case.  Against the back wall a group of Yellow Wing biplanes have just been started.
In a rather oddly-shaped alcove is the light box I use for studio photography.  This really improved the quality of the model pictures for the blog, if you’re serious about sharing pictures of your projects I highly recommend getting one.  The work table is also used for wrapping packages and protecting my books with BroadArt covers for the dustjackets.  The kit stash lurks beyond.
My kit stash is modest compared to most other modelers.  I have (mostly) managed to build as many kits as I purchase each year, but the stash does manage to grow just a bit over time.
I have been able to acquire several commercial display cases over the years.  This one houses Jagdwaffe builds.  I set out to build the aircraft of all the Luftwaffe Experten with over one hundred victories but that effort has stalled due to lack of documentation on a few of the aircraft.  I have gotten through over seventy so far though, along with several side tracks.
This case is mainly Japanese aircraft with some 1/700 scale ships and submarines on the bottom shelf.  I got the display cases at a substantial discount as businesses moved or shut down, then re-wired them and had additional glass shelves cut as needed.


More Luftwaffe multi-engined types with ground vehicles on the bottom shelf.  These cases are a little smaller and not as fancy as the first two.

This one contains mainly U.S. and Allied types, along with a shelf of modern jets.  On top is the USS Skipjack.
We remodeled the basement two years ago and while that was going on I rebuilt this alcove with the thought of possibly installing a base and sliding glass doors across the front to house larger models one day.  There are several ships which I would like to do in 1/72 scale at some point and they will need a long display area.  Until then the alcove contains another case with some more recent completions.  On top is the Japanese seaplane tender Akitsushima and the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Indianapolis (SSN-697), both scratchbuilt projects.