Women Warriors 83

Lea Gabrielle, US Navy F/A-18 Pilot
WASP Pilots checking out parachutes
A 4400
People’s Liberation Army
Maureen Dunlop, ATA with Spitfire

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8 thoughts on “Women Warriors 83

    1. Something which I feel is underappreciated is that these pilots were required to fly many different types of aircraft, several of which were vastly different. It was not uncommon for a ferry pilot to end their service with thousands of hours on dozens of different types of aircraft.

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      1. YEs, please delete those attempts to show that aircraft from the video. The only way to see it is to view that video at my stated time frame. P.S. Re- the Joint strike fighter doc:
        NOTE – at 1:50:29 the documentary repeats an earlier segment; another complete documentary source unfortunately edited out the audio in several areas; however, the punchline in that documentary, and the final note, is: the F-35 is certainly the last piloted aircraft; guess who leads the pack in UAV’S? Answer – BOEING!, who very well may have the “last word”. Here is one look at Boeing’s expertise in these vehicles; the MQ-25 (Not produced here, you’ll need to use the link on my page)

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