Revell Junkers Ju 88P-1 Conversion Build in 1/72 Scale Part II

The Revell Ju 88 kits go together without any drama. The fuselage spine is molded as a separate piece which allows all the filler cap detail to be molded in. Kits with a more traditional fuselage split cannot capture that detail because of the mold angle.
A little surgery is needed for the P-1 conversion, the white area here is plastic card to fill the hole where the bomb sight was removed. The Aims conversion kit has resin replacement pieces for the nose, but I chose to use the C-6 kit parts with gun ports filled for ease of assembly.
The location for the gun gondola under the fuselage was marked off with a Sharpie and the black extended over the mating area. I find this prevents the edges of the clear parts from reflecting light, and the Sharpie ink will allow for a solid glue bond instead of lifting off like paint will do. The bomb bay doors have been filled and a new hatch opening scribed in.
The gondola is a clear vacuformed piece. It is thick so it took some time to separate from the sheet. I trimmed it until the fit was close then fixed it in place with Superglue. The seam was cleaned up with Perfect Plastic Putty.
The defensive armament is glued in place from the inside, I have cut off the barrels and will re-attach them at the end of the build. Sun curtains are made from masking tape and glued in place with Micro LiquTape.
The canopy seam was filled with more PPP. I like the PPP for delicate work as it won’t craze the clear parts and can be smoothed out with a wet cotton swab.
I like to fix the landing light covers in place before painting and fill any seams with superglue. This is easy to sand down at this point in the construction and buff back to clarity with an 8000 grit sanding cloth.
Before priming the clear parts received a coat of the interior RLM 66 color from the outside.
Here is the ventral gondola under a coat of RLM 66.

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