Fine Molds Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2/R6 of Leutnant Walter Krupinski in 1/72 Scale

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2/R6 of Leutnant Walter Krupinski, 6. /JG52 Russia, OCT 1942.  Kit is from Fine Molds.

This model depicts the Bf 109G-2/R6 of “Graf Punski” early in his career, at the that time he had amassed fifty victories.  Subsequently he was brought down by a Taran (ramming) attack by a Soviet pilot in an I-16.  He was promoted to Staffelkapitän of 7. Staffel, where Erich Hartmann, who was to become the world’s highest scoring ace, flew as his wingman.  Krupinski was promoted to Hauptmann and took over command of II./JG 11 in the West.  The Gruppe was active over the invasion front in France, where Krupinski scored ten victories before he was wounded for the fifth time in August.  After recovering, he commanded III./JG 26 until that Gruppe was disbanded in March.  Krupinski finished the war flying Me 262 jets with JV 44, where his final two victories brought his total to 197.  Walter Krupinski survived the war.