Ford Tri-Motor Walk Around

Photographs taken at the Air Zoo, Kalamazoo Michigan.


























6 thoughts on “Ford Tri-Motor Walk Around

    1. Looks like they acquired it in December 2016. There are two at Port Clinton, one under restoration and one flyable, got to see it land during the model show a couple years ago. For the club guys there it was no big deal, I was standing out on the apron geeking out.

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      1. They still have the Ascender on display there, for me that was one of the highlights. They also have a Dauntless and a Wildcat under restoration in their shops, in addition to the ones on display. One of the neat things about the Air Zoo is the shop area is partially accessible so you can see the work in progress.

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      2. Yeah last time I was there I chatted with a restorer working on the FM-2 for a while, I miss when that was their main facility; because back then it was still a FLYING collection! I thought the XP-55 had been returned to the Smithsonian. At least, the new Modelsvit P-55 kit credits the Smithsonian aircraft as their resource. I guess I “assumed” that meant it was back in DC; but I guess its still their plane even if its in Kalamazoo!

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