Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk. Vc Trop of 249 Squadron in 1/72 Scale

This is a No. 249 Squadron Spitfire Mk. Vc Trop defending Malta in the Summer of 1942.  Many of the Malta Spitfires were re-camouflaged locally and the colors used are still debated.  This example was finished in an overall “dark blue”, I have chosen Insignia Blue for my model.


More completed Airfix Spitfires here:

8 thoughts on “Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk. Vc Trop of 249 Squadron in 1/72 Scale

    1. Thanks Warren! The Malta schemes are hotly debated in some circles, I am not claiming to have any special insight so take my models with a grain of salt. They are very attractive though so I couldn’t resist building a few!


      1. The Mk1a Spitfire on display at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry appeared to be finished in a dark blue on its upper surfaces. It’s been a few years since i last saw it, and somewhere i have a photo (on film, but don’t know where…) IIRC, the underside was sky type S. i couldn’t make out if there was a disruptive pattern over the blue. i remember having the impression of perhaps a subtle blue on blue scheme. It was not PRU blue.

        Whatever its colour, it was outside any normal schemes for a Mk 1. i wonder if it was “curated” at some time?

        i wonder if the “correct” colour in Malta may have been RAF azure BS 381c, a common colour for tropical/desert underside camouflage scheme?

        Now my curiosity is piqued… i’ll have to dig deeper into the subject.

        Beautiful build!

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      2. Hi Mike! There doesn’t appear to be firm consensus on which blues were used when, but just about everything in the RAF pallet and USN Blue Gray get mentioned, along with local mixes. Can of worms.

        The Chicago Spitfire looked like a segmented scheme to me but the lighting is so bad it’s hard to see. The kill markings looked wrong. They definitely repainted their Stuka, which is unfortunate as they have an original photo on display and the pattern is now much too soft.


  1. The Stuka was dropped about 40′ and damaged about 25-30 (?) years ago- i think that it was being lowered for relocating or cleaning. i thought that the Stuka may have been repainted after being repaired from its fall, but it looks entirely different in the more current photos than i remember. i also seem to remember that it once had the landing gear fairings & wheel spats.

    Looking now at some more recent photos on the web, it looks to me as if both A/C were repainted sometime in the last 20 or so years (the last time i was at MSI was around ’96.) The Spit looks like it now sports the dark green over grey scheme and fuselage roundels from later in the war, more appropriate for a Mk V than a Mk I.

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    1. I hadn’t heard they had dropped the Stuka! The placard says the Spitfire was a BoB aircraft, surprising that it isn’t in the Dark Green + Dark Earth scheme.


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