Vickers Mark VI Light Tank Build in 1/72 Scale

I have a Creality LD-002R 3-D resin printer, it is small enough to fit on a corner of my workbench and not horribly expensive for what it can do. The printers are quite useful but you can easily go down the rabbit hole with these things. I found a file for a Vickers Mk. VI light tank from designer “TigerAce1945” on Thingiverse here: I scaled it to 1/72 and soon it was ready to go.
Assembly consists of removing the supports and placing the turret on the hull. The resin is cured by UV light, so I placed it in the sunshine and flipped it over after the supports were off to make sure everything hardened up completely. The resin is hard and a little on the brittle side but cuts and sands very much like typical model plastic or casting resin.
The model would be fine for wargaming just as it was, but I wanted to jazz it up a bit as a display model using Evergreen strip and wire. The shovel and ax are separate prints. The towing eyes on the front of the hull and fire extinguisher are from the spares box. I rebuilt the stowage frame on the rear plate because the wall thickness was too much.
A couple of coats of Mr. Surfacer 1000 smoothed out most of the printing layers. These were not all that bad, but the prints don’t yet have the same fidelity as injection molded kits. The technology is getting closer though and works well for many modeling tasks!
Here is the model with the Malta “stone wall” camouflage prior to weathering. I love the scheme, and this is a quick and painless way to try to represent it.
What better backdrop for a stone wall camouflage than a stone wall? I found a suitable example and printed a wall to go with the tank. The file is intended for 28 mm wargamers, but one of the neat things about printers is the files can be re-scaled within reason. The designer is “Ravenloth” on Thingiverse:
Here is the wall mounted to a display base. Small pebbles from the driveway enhance the randomness of the wall and provide rubble where sections have fallen down.
I added more rocks to the top of the wall to break up the flat profile. The small tree is a twisted wire trunk, scattered grass and tufts complete the terrain.
The Vickers was finished off in the standard way with washes and chipping, then sprayed with DullCoat. The antenna is Nitenol wire, and there is some basic stowage added in the rack on the back.
Here is the finished product, with a Preisser Luftwaffe figure modified to represent a British tanker added for scale. All in all an enjoyable little project which came together quickly.

19 thoughts on “Vickers Mark VI Light Tank Build in 1/72 Scale

  1. That bit, “but the prints don’t yet have the same fidelity as injection molded kits. The technology is getting closer though”, is where I currently have some mixed feelings about 3D printing: on the one hand I’ve been really disappointed a couple times, but on the other hand, ya gotta admit 3D printing is amazing stuff.

    And then I feel compelled to tell a tale from several years ago: there was one of the numerous forums for scale modeling where a conversation was being had about whether 3D printing could ever be utilized in building models meanwhile the space and sci-fi modelers, the On30 railway modelers, the “Early Rail” railway modelers, the Gn15 railway modelers, the miniatures gamers, had already been employing 3D printing for a few years.

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  2. Great work Jeff. How did you recreate the Malta Wall scheme in such a small space?

    I’ve got some 3D-printed WWI French props made for me by a friend in France because he got tired of the bad ones offered up in 1/72nd scale kits. His current project is the 3D -print a proper and correct Nie.11/16 kit in 1/72nd since there are none available in our scale that aren’t rife with gross dimensional errors.

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  3. Bloody great Jeff, no one loves a nice diorama than me !! love the tank mate so well painted,you cant beat those tiny brushes! the wall is so good and the lay out is perfect. Keep making these mate and you will make this old guy happy !!

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