Revell Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a of Generalleutnant Adolf Galland in 1/72 Scale

In November 1941 Adolf Galland was appointed to lead the Luftwaffe’s fighter force as General der Jagdflieger.  As the war progressed Germany’s situation worsened, which put Galland at odds with Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring who used the pilots as scapegoats.  This came to a head in January 1945 when a number of ranking Luftwaffe pilots confronted Göring in what became known as the “Fighter Pilots’ Revolt”.  Göring blamed Galland, and relieved him of his command.  But now what to do with Galland, who was a hero in Germany?  Galland was directed to lead a small unit with the Messerschmitt Me 262, Jagdverband 44 (JV 44).  He used his connections to recruit several of the highest-scoring pilots in the Luftwaffe, and JV 44 quickly became known as the “squadron of experts”.

This Me 262 bears the double chevron of a Geschwaderkommodore.  It is believed Galland was flying this aircraft when he achieved his final victories, a pair of Martin B-26 Marauders on 26APR45.  Galland was wounded during the engagement but survived the war with 104 victories.