Tamiya Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 of Oberleutnant Hans Dortenmann in 1/72 Scale

Hans Dortenmann received Werk Nummer 210003 in September 1944, one of the first Doras issued.  He flew this aircraft until JG 26 surrendered to the British at Flensburg on 06 May 1945.  Dortenmann destroyed his “trusty crate” by throwing a grenade into the cockpit rather than see it captured.  He was credited with 39 aerial victories, including 18 in Werk Nummer 210003, making him the highest scoring Luftwaffe ace on the Dora.

The model depicts the aircraft as it appeared during February – March 1945.  Dortenmann was issued this Dora while with 12./JG 54, after several reassignments and reorganizations Dortenmann commanded the same men as part of III./JG 26 when the war ended.  The aircraft markings also evolved along with the organizational changes, earlier iterations saw 210003 camouflaged with RLM 75 / 83 uppersurfaces (repainted to RLM 82 / 83 in the field), formation number changed from red to black 1, early style canopy replaced with the blown style, and vertical tail painted yellow to allow easier identification by his Staffel.  This is the Tamiya kit with EagleCals Decals.