2021 Cincinnati IPMS Model Show

Yesterday was the 2021 Cincinnati IPMS Model Show, after skipping a year due to the recent unpleasantness.  This year the show was hosted in a new venue, amongst the aircraft of the Tri-State Warbird Museum.  There have been a number of shows scheduled recently in IPMS Region 4, with three shows in Ohio in three sequential weekends – Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland.  The Cincinnati show saw 317 entries, one has to wonder if attendance wasn’t hurt by having so many shows scheduled so close together.  I stuck around after the show to get some pictures of the warbirds.  Great to “talk shop” with fellow modelers and to see all the great work on display!

Mike and Dave of Plastic Model Mojo were there recording their fiftieth show. Plastic Model Mojo here: https://www.plasticmodelmojo.com/

11 thoughts on “2021 Cincinnati IPMS Model Show

  1. Great shots of some beautiful builds Jeff, thanks!
    Back in the 80’s we ran in to the same problem of conflicting events in Mississippi. The event sponsors got together and formed a “confederacy” of sorts, pun intended, and decided to have rotating events, each one every three years..
    The result? A huge increase in attendance, and it gave the event hosts a break because they only had to work at hosting every three years.

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