Fine Molds Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2 of Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke in 1/72 Scale

Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke joined the Luftwaffe in 1935.  He deployed to Spain with the Condor Legion but achieved no victories while there.  He claimed his first victory over a French Potez 637 in November 1939.  He was shot down and captured during the Battle of France, but was released after the French capitulated.  He fought briefly against the Russians during the opening of Operation Barbarossa, but III/JG 53 was transferred to Sicily in December. He moved back to the East in May 1942, transferring to JG 3 and becoming Kommodore during the siege of Stalingrad.  During this time his score rose to over 150 and he was awarded the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.

In May 1943 JG 3 transferred back to Germany to defend against the American bomber onslaught which was then building momentum.  Although ordered not to participate in combat missions, he continued to add to his score.  On 23MAR44 he shot down a P-51 Mustang, but was himself shot down and killed by Mustangs of the 4th FG.  His final score was 162 victories and 732 combat sorties.

This is Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke’s Bf 109F-2, III / JG 53, Berck-sur-Mer, MAR41