10 thoughts on “Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Walk Around Part I

  1. She also had a private chart business with all pink twins (Golden Eagles or 414s? It’s been a while!) flying around the Midwest too. Sort of the Mary Kay of aviation.
    I saw her fly this P-40 many times at the old Kalamazoo air show.

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      1. “Charter” business… Missed the typo.
        I remember the first time we had one of those pink twins in at Jackson I saw the outbound was for Kalamazoo. I asked the pilot (a guy, imagine the embarrassment!) if they were owned by Sue Parish. I expected maybe a laugh, but he confirmed she owned the company and they had several aircraft. I saw them a few times after that, but this wasn’t long before she passed and I think the company went away at that point.

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