Woodland Scenics Cabin Diorama Build in 1/72 Scale

Yet another attempt at figures and basing. This one is centered around a kit I had in the stash from Woodland Scenics, their Abandoned Log Cabin in 1/87 scale, intended for railroad modelers. I don’t recall how I came to have this one, but I looked through some scenery supplies and there it was. It is on the small side in 1/72 scale, but then there are some pretty small cabins in reality.
Along with some bags of scale vegetation, here are the white metal contents of the kit. These required some clean up with a hobby knife to remove flash and ensure the parts interlocked.
I assembled the parts with superglue and filled any unwanted gaps with Perfect Plastic Putty. The model was then primed and painted as normal, drybrushed and washed.
Zvezda makes some nice figures, here I will be using a few from their Soviet Militia set. The weapons are Soviet, but the figures could represent any European nationality from the 1930s or 1940s.
There are five figures. Two of the figures are depicted drilling with the Moisen-Nagant, which I thought a bit unusual.
The figures are molded well and have good detail. These two poses looked casual enough.
The cabin on a basic base.
For a change I used a box of trees in Fall colors which I won at a show raffle.
The finished scene. I used figures from the Caesar WWII German Cavalry Division set to offset the Zvezda irregulars.