Revell HMCS Snowberry Flower Class Corvette Build in 1/72 Scale Part II

Here the major superstructure components have been added to the hull. If you think of building a large ship model as a single kit the process can seem overwhelming, it is better to think of each component as its own little model.
More of the major subassemblies have found their way to the hull. No matter what the instructions might say, start with the large, robust components and build your way out to the detail parts last.
At this point I chose to add the decals to the hull, mainly because I wanted to reduce handling the model as much as possible after the smaller parts started going on. While it looks like it is mostly done, construction is actually just beginning when you reach this point.
The wooden deck on the fo’c’sle was washed and drybrushed to bring out the detail. Note that the wood does not go all the way to the bow. The seam will be hidden by the breakwater which will be added later.
The pilothouse was divided into three compartments, which I simulated with card to eliminate the see-through effect. I decided not to try to detail the bulkheads as the deck around this area gets very busy and it would be difficult to see anything inside.
The grid structures are racks for the four Carley floats. I added wire grab bars to the skylights over the engineering spaces. The skylight should be rebuilt as it should have ten windows instead of eight. What was Matchbox thinking? This type of thing was a constant problem, I corrected several errors but had to draw the line at other times or the project would not have gotten done.
The fantail area will get crowded. This is another place where it pays to check references, as several Flowers were completed with a more squared-off stern profile. Many also carried mine sweeping gear in addition to depth charge racks.

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