Eastern Aircraft TBM-3 Avenger Walk Around Part II

Photographs taken at the Tri-State Warbird Museum, Batavia, Ohio

Part I here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2021/12/26/eastern-aircraft-tbm-3-avenger-walk-around-part-i/

8 thoughts on “Eastern Aircraft TBM-3 Avenger Walk Around Part II

    1. The TBM was the heaviest single-engine aircraft of the war. I think there were a few others which had a greater wingspan. It’s a little smaller than the B-25 (Tri-State had both!) but still huge.


  1. Having a three person crew would certainly put it in that category for a naval aircraft of the day for sure, and depending on its loadout was comparable to the Army Air Corps P-47 thunderbolt for weight and size. These are great pics. Would there be any of the interior by chance? I’m trying to find out what made the “E” model different from the C/D versions in electronics? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  2. Yes. The article was very informative and answered a couple of questions I had about the placement of equipment between models. It’s also interesting to note how the UK modified the Tarpon to fill its own requirements.

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