Vultee Vengeance Production Color Photographs

Here are a few photographs featuring Vengeance dive bombers under construction at Vultee’s Nashville Tennessee plant, showing some interior details and primer color of the A-31.  There was a significant effort to recruit women into war production plants.  In 1940 women made up 1% of the workforce in aviation production plants, by 1943 they comprised 65%.  “Rosie the Riveter” is still an icon today, and actual production workers were featured in contemporary press articles to encourage women to enter the workforce.  Interesting photographs which are hopefully of use to modelers. Photographs from the Alfred Palmer collection, Library of Congress.

Vengeance color photographs here:

4 thoughts on “Vultee Vengeance Production Color Photographs

  1. Ahhh, I found this FB post from 2016;

    “BREAKING – Nashville’s historic Vultee aircraft factory is on the real estate market and being pitched as a “redevelopment opportunity.” Located at 1431 Vultee Boulevard next to the Nashville airport, the 97-acre site includes a 2.2 million-square foot factory that traces its roots to 1939 when it was built for Stinson Aircraft Co. The site is currently owned by Triumph Aerostructures and employs 850 workers for manufacturing aircraft wings and airplane parts for Gulfstream and Airbus.

    The original 1939 Stinson aircraft plant was designed by internationally renowned industrial architect Albert Kahn (1869-1942), sometimes known as the “architect of Detroit.” Stinson merged with Vultee in 1940. During World War II, the Vultee plant manufactured military fighter planes such as the Vultee A-31 Vengeance dive bomber. Many of the workers were women, who were real life examples of Rosie the Riveters.

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