Revell HMCS Snowberry Flower Class Corvette Build in 1/72 Scale Part IV

I began adding details from the bow and worked my way back. Whenever practical I pinned the small parts in place with bronze rod to reduce breakage as this model will be handled. The rope reels and anchor windless are replacements. The gun platform forward is not yet attached, it is just set in place to establish spacing.
Here the ladders and depth charge racks have been added. I didn’t realize it at the time but the depth charge racks are much too high, I later removed them and trimmed the supports down quite a bit. The j-bar davits used to load the side-mounted depth charge projectors got their rigging at this point as it is easier to get at them with less clutter.
The various vents and storage lockers have been added to the aft superstructure in this photograph. The platform for the 2-pound anti-aircraft gun is aft of the stack. It is surprising how light the anti-aircraft armament is on these ships, they would have been at a great disadvantage in the Pacific.
I used the kit’s Carley floats in the interest of getting the model completed, although they could certainly be improved. They are mounted on their racks and provided with masking tape strapping. The dingeys are also in place along with their davits and rigging.

Part V here: