Revell HMCS Snowberry Flower Class Corvette Build in 1/72 Scale Part VI

A ship needs some crew figures to give a sense of scale and a “busy” appearance. While I have been critical of the kit for its poor molding and crude parts (a well-earned assessment), I must give credit where credit is due and say that I was pleased with the figures Matchbox has provided. There were some sinkholes to fill, but overall they are good. I modified several poses with parts from the spares box and supplemented them with others from the old Airfix Bofers kit.
I painted up a total of eighteen figures. A ship of this size, fully manned at General Quarters (or is it “Action Stations” in the RCN?) could easily use twice that number but this is what I could scrounge up.
Two of the figures needed to be in place before the superstructure was mounted, the helm and lee helmsmen in the pilothouse. I gave them their stations with voice tubes and a ship’s wheel from the spares box. If you look at just the right angle they can be seen inside the finished model.
Here she is almost complete with the superstructure and mast in place. The splinter mats around the open conning station were made from Sculpey and baked in the oven.
The completed model, rigged and manned. The crew figures were also pinned in place to reduce breakage. The signal flags at the yardarm are “Bravo Zulu”, a naval signal meaning “well done”. Hopefully the Snowberry model does well in her wargaming role as well! While it would take considerable effort to turn this kit into a show winner, it does look good with a few upgrades, and any large-scale ship has an undeniable “shelf presence”.

Finished photographs here:

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