Pavla Curtiss AT-9 Jeep Build Part II

The wings and horizontal tail planes are butt-jointed and required some filling and blending. I filled the wing seams with superglue and Mr. Surfacer 500, the tailplanes were filled with Perfect Plastic Putty.
The canopy was vacuformed from a soft plastic. An experiment with the excess sheet on the spare canopy revealed that sanding scratches could not be polished out, which negated my usual technique of blending the canopy and then polishing the transparencies clear again. A self-inflicted problem seen here I have managed to reverse the orientation of the landing gear legs, the pins should point outwards.
The model got a coat of Mr. Surfacer 1000 and any imperfections were sanded out. Most of this effort was focused around the canopy and wing roots, I was never quite satisfied with the canopy seam. The NMF finish is Alclad Candy Apple Base over their black primer. The landing gear legs were cut off, pinned, and put in their proper places.
The wing walk areas were masked off and painted with Mr. Color Tire Black. The Alclad finish is hard enough that the paint will stand up to masking if you don’t go overboard with it.
There is no aftermarket for the AT-9, so the kit decals were used. These performed perfectly. If you’re not comfortable with the NMF finish, there are markings for an Olive Drab over Neutral Gray scheme as well.
The finished product. I’m not entirely satisfied with this effort, I had trouble blending the canopy in particular. I do like the lines of the AT-9. The limited-run kits take extra work, but allow you to improve your modeling skills and build some interesting and lesser-known types.

More completed pictures here: