Hasegawa Brewster Model B-239 Buffalo Build Part I

Hasegawa’s business plan is to engineer their kits to allow for multiple sub-types, and then to re-release them in different markings. All well and good so long as they can keep the kits available, but Hasegawa has kitted several subjects which are best in scale and have not been available for years, in some cases decades. Their excellent Buffalo is hard to find, but has been released by Hobby 2000. The Buffalo was on my list and I was lucky enough to win this one in the raffle at the Louisville IPMS show a few years back.
The molding is crisp with fine recessed panel lines and is what you would expect from Hasegawa. The fuselage halves are clipped at the nose and tail to allow for variations, the Buffalo was fitted with a different engine for export. The small fret in the upper right corner provides for the cowling changes needed for the Model 239 exported to Finland.
The small parts frets include parts for standard and cuffed prop blades as introduced on the F2A-2. I was hoping all the parts needed for a Marine F2A-3 at Midway would be included, but I’ll need another boxing to add a VMF-221 machine to my collection.
Like most Hasegawa kits the cockpit is a little under-detailed. I added side consoles, ribbing, and basic surface detail from Evergreen. This only takes a few minutes, but can be hard to see with the canopy closed so I didn’t go nuts with the detail.
Here is everything painted and ready to close up. Seatbelts are from masking tape strips. The engine is wired with copper winding from broken earphones. The engine face is visible on the finished model so extra effort spent here is worth it.
Fit is excellent, as is typical for modern Hasegawa offerings. There were only slight gaps at the leading edge of the wing/fuselage joint, which were easily filled with a swipe of Perfect Plastic Putty.

Part II here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2022/03/11/hasegawa-brewster-model-b-239-buffalo-build-part-ii/

10 thoughts on “Hasegawa Brewster Model B-239 Buffalo Build Part I

  1. I am super excited to see you doing a buffalo! I have the Hobby Boss kit but wanted to do one of the buffalos from Singapore. I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for a Mr Hobby kitting for that. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

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  2. Related sort of to your build…and your post on the Kawanishi H8K1 Emily.



    The IJN planned another such armed reconnaissance mission for the 6th or 7th of March, but rescheduled for the 10th due to damage to Hashizume’s aircraft, and exhaustion of the air crew. The second raid was carried out on March 10 but Hashizume was shot down and killed near Midway atoll, by Brewster F2A “Buffalo” fighters.

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