7 thoughts on “Special Hobby Curtiss FB2C-1 Hawk in 1/72 Scale

  1. No such aircraft as a FB2C. There is a BFC-2 and BF2C-1. Funny how it is correct on the tail……Just sayin’


    1. Thanks Warren! I use Nitenol wire for rigging, works best for me but I still do not look forward to the rigging phase. Not sure when the USN started using drop tanks but there are several photographs from the 1930’s of them on USN aircraft. They could have made a real difference on the F4Fs at Midway so I can’t explain their absence there.

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      1. They were not drop-able, leading to a significant disadvantage in combat. The pilots were already complaining about the -4 wildcats and their weight. As ACM was pretty rare in the Atlantic Theater, that’s where you saw Dash 4 Wildcats sporting them.

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