Hasegawa Curtiss SOC Seagull Aboard USS Honolulu in 1/72 Scale

This model represents an SOC Seagull of VCS-9 operating from the light cruiser USS Honolulu in 1940. The kit is the venerable Hasegawa offering from 1969 with Yellow Wing decals.

More completed SOC photographs here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2022/04/07/hasegawa-curtiss-soc-seagull-aboard-uss-portland-in-1-72-scale/

6 thoughts on “Hasegawa Curtiss SOC Seagull Aboard USS Honolulu in 1/72 Scale

  1. Jeff, as always, a beautiful build.
    Now, I need you to explain something to me: this a/c was “aboard” the USS Honolulu, however it has landing gear and not floats. Did this a/c, and others like it have it’s landing gear changed out for floats when the Honolulu left port?

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    1. Thanks Warren! The “conversion” from floats to wheels was a standard procedure and reportedly simple to do. It was done ashore, many Naval Air Stations had both seaplane ramps and conventional runways. IIRC all the floatplane scout designs were capable of either configuration, and flown from the factory with conventional gear and equipped with floats at a NAS. If you’ve got the Ginter book there are loads of pictures of wheeled SOCs in their detachment markings.

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  2. Thanks Jeff. Logic told me this was what was done, but I know I’ve gotten in trouble using logic before. 😉 I know I couldn’t see having two of each a/c, so it just made sense to me.
    I don’t have the Ginter book, but hope to one day.

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