Revell Sturmgeschütz IV Build in 1/72 Scale

The Revell StuG IV kit 03101 is a re-box, the original was released by Matchbox in 1994. Even though it is not really that old it has been superseded by more recent releases. I was able to pick this one up at a model show at a giveaway price.

Inside the box are three sprues molded in a tan plastic. The Schürzen are molded as a single piece, but are easily replaced with panels cut from card which will allow for the overlap and will be thinner. The tracks are link and length. They are simplified and a bit too thick as well.
The suspension built up without any problems. I used epoxy to fix BBs in place to give the model a little heft. Many StuG IVs carried supplemental concrete armor on the hull, which was added using Perfect Plastic Putty. I added a layer of Zimmerit to the lower hull using Mr. Surfacer 500.
The kit’s barrel is equipped with a caricature of a muzzle brake. Not sure what they were thinking here, but that’s just not going to work. Fortunately a more accurate barrel from another kit was found in the spares box.
The kit is lacking many of the tools and spares commonly seen on the engine decks. I’d love to see a generic sprue of these available as an aftermarket item, they sure would come in handy! Back to the spares box again. The muffler was provided but the installation was not called out on the instructions. I have drilled out the exhaust pipe.
The StuG received a coat of Mr. Color 39 Dark Yellow over Mr. Surfacer 1000 primer. I use a Badger 150 general purpose workhorse airbrush for the majority of my painting, Mr. Color sprays well with a 50/50 mix of their Leveling Thinner.
The replacement Schürzen were taped to a card for painting, note the slight overlap of the panels. The green camouflage is Mr. Color 340 Dark Green FS 34097 applied with a Harder & Steenbeck Evolution.
The tracks are painted and stowage fixed in place, then the entire model was shot with Testors GlossCoat in preparation for washes and weathering. No decals on this one.
Here is the finished model after washes and a layer of DullCoat. I like these old armor kits as pallet cleansers if nothing else, they are fun and quick to build.

8 thoughts on “Revell Sturmgeschütz IV Build in 1/72 Scale

    1. I agree, it’s really amazing. I do like to tinker with the “old” kits, but they are totally out classed by the “new” releases. The only trade-off I’m not enthused about is buildability. Microscopic parts which you can’t get off the sprue or a 250+ parts count don’t impress me, but then I am a lot more casual with my armor builds.

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  1. I’m in total agreement! More is not necessarily better. What I do like it the crisper, more delicate molding . . . kinda like Arma Hobby kits! 😉
    I’d really like to get some of the resin/3D printed track sets for the T-34 from OKB Grigorov (sp?), but they say they’re for the UM kit, not sure they’ll fit my Dragon kits.


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