Arma Hobby North American P-51B of Major James H. Howard in 1/72 Scale

James Howard flew with the American Volunteer Group “Flying Tigers” where he was credited with six victories over Japanese aircraft.  He subsequently commanded the 356th Fighter Squadron in England.  On 11JAN44 his squadron was escorting B-17s over Germany when the formation was intercepted by Luftwaffe fighters.  After downing a Me-110, he found himself alone as a large group of German fighters was preparing to intercept a formation of B-17s from the 401st Bomb Group.  Howard single-handedly attacked the German formation even though outnumbered thirty to one.  He fought alone for approximately half an hour, protecting the bombers and downing five more of the enemy.  Asked why he took on thirty Luftwaffe fighters by himself he said, “I seen my duty and I done it.”

Howard was awarded the Congressional Medal of honor for his actions, the only fighter pilot in the European Theater to have won the award.  He retired from the USAF as Brigadier General in 1966.

Serial Number 43-6315 “Ding Hao” P-51B-5-NA Major James H. Howard, 356 FS 354 FG, kit decals

Ding Hao! color photographs here:

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