Arma Hobby North American P-51B of Capt. Don Gentile in 1/72 Scale

Dominic Salvatore “Don” Gentile was born in Piqua, Ohio.  Eager to become a fighter pilot, he volunteered for the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941.  Posted to England and flying Spitfires with the “Eagle Squadron”, he scored his first victories in August 1942.  After the Eagle Squadron was absorbed into the USAAF Gentile continued to score while flying the P-47 Thunderbolt.  After the 4th Fighter Group transitioned to the Mustang Gentile continued to score, but crashed his aircraft at Debden on 13APR44 while performing low fly-bys for the assembled Press.  He returned to the States for a War Bond tour.  He remained in the Air Force post-war, but was killed while flying a T-33 in January 1951.  Gentile was credited with 21.88 aerial victories with the USAAF, 2 more while with the Eagle Squadron, plus 6 enemy aircraft destroyed on the ground.

Serial Number 43-6913 “Shangri La” P-51B-7-NA Capt. Don Gentile, 336 FS 4 FG, Kits-World KW172002 decals

Color Photographs of “Shangri-La” here: