Revell Sd. Kfz. 173 Jagdpanther Build in 1/72 Scale

Revell’s Jagdpanther kit 03111 was first released in 1997. Not a bad kit for its day, but it has been superseded by more recent releases. It does have a relatively modest parts count compared to the newer kits, so it should go together faster.
Parts layout is typical. The kit is provided with link and length tracks. One nice feature is seen on the sprue in the lower left corner, alternate parts for early and late production variants.
The main suspension assembles quickly, but pay attention to the different road wheel parts, each layer is slightly different. I added BBs again for weight, unnecessary but I like the feel.
The engine deck has open grills which allow you to see into the interior of the model. Having encountered this on previous builds of German armor, I had cast duplicates of the engine details from another kit and used one of these castings on this build.
The kit builds up quickly. I left off the side skirts as photographs of my intended subject show they were often removed.
Paints are Mr. Color 340 Dark Green over 39 Dark Yellow.
The finished model after an application of Tamiya black wash and Testors DullCoat. It’s surprising how big the Jagdpanther is, it will look good in the case with the other German AFVs.

More finished pictures here:

19 thoughts on “Revell Sd. Kfz. 173 Jagdpanther Build in 1/72 Scale

      1. I think I would too, Jeff! 🙂 I would imagine the Jagdpanther needs quite a bit of room to allow the crew to handle and load the long, single-piece 88mm ammunition. Tanks are quite surprising as far as room inside goes – there’s usually very little, despite the size of them! A very long time ago I got to climb inside one of the UK Tank Museum King Tigers before it was refurbished and there was loads of room inside because it had been stripped out. I also had the opportunity to get inside a fully-stowed Chieftain and there was virtually no spare room at all in it!

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      2. I can remember what it was like being in the turret of an M60 as a loader and a gunner. While I’d call it Winnebago-RV-esque in terms of room, you only had just enough, you had to flip those 105 rounds 180 degrees to get them in the breach, and the loader had to have room to get out of the way of the main gun’s recoil. The gunner was hemmed in by the main gun on one side and the turret on the other. Not a job for those with claustrophobia. The Patton Museum used to have a King Tiger in cut away, and while it might look roomy inside, stuff like that isn’t when it’s buttoned up. I’ve crewed a Stuart tank, and that’s tight, as is a T-72. I’ll stop rambling now.

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  1. A great build there Jeff, interesting to hear how cramped tanks are , luck Dixi warned about not good for claustrophobic folk, that’s me 👍🏻although I’m sure this old geriatric could climb up onto one let alone get inside 😅😅.

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