Arma Hobby North American P-51B of 1Lt Ralph “Kid” Hofer in 1/72 Scale

On an impulse, Ralph Hofer joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941.  He was shipped out to England and flew Hurricanes, but saw no combat until he transferred to the 4th Fighter Group at Debden, then equipped with the P-47 Thunderbolt.  Hofer was undisciplined and reckless in the air, preferring to attack enemy aircraft on his own without regard for the mission.  His luck held until 02JUL44, when he was shot down by flak while single-handedly strafing a German airfield in Yugoslavia.  Hofer was credited with destroying 30.5 German aircraft, including ground victories.

Serial Number 42-106924 “Salem Representative” P-51B-15-NA Ralph “Kid” Hofer, 334 FS 4 FG, Kits-World KW172002 decals

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