Arma Hobby North American F-6C of Major Eduard O. McComas in 1/72 Scale

Eduard McComas was the commander of the 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron of the 23rd Fighter Group based in China.  He was shot down behind Japanese lines in September 1944, but evaded capture and returned to his unit with the help of Chinese guerrillas.  After his return he scored his first aerial victory and added steadily to his score.  On 23DEC44 he was photographing a Japanese airfield when the aircraft based there began taking off to intercept him.  McComas downed five Japanese fighters, becoming the only pilot in the CBI to score five in a single mission. 

“Miss Revenge” F-6C MAJ Eduard O. McComas 118 TRS 23 FG, Aeromaster 72-177 decals

118th TFS color photographs here:

15 thoughts on “Arma Hobby North American F-6C of Major Eduard O. McComas in 1/72 Scale

  1. Beautiful Jeff. I was just reading Dr. Strangebrush’s Arma P-51B build, and he addressed the sink marks as they relate to a NMF. I would like to know how you addressed this for your NMF builds of this kit.

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    1. There are two small sink marks on the starboard fuselage half corresponding to cockpit detail, and the landing gear leg covers had some undulations. I filled these with Mr. Surfacer 500. I filled these on all the builds, not just the NMF. They will be more obvious on a NMF finish but still there no mater what paint is applied.

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      1. AM did an “A” and “B”, but as far as know they never did an F-6C. Eduard recently did a “D” and “K”.
        I may have lost track, they did a lot of minor issues! Google gave me plenty of results, but it looks like they are all either F-6B or P-51C. No F-6C. My guess would be, since that would actually involve some new fuselage halves, that they never got to it.

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