Arma Hobby North American P-51B of Capt. Forrest “Jeep” Parham in 1/72 Scale

Forrest Parham enlisted in the Army and rose to rank of Colonel.  He scored three victories over Japanese aircraft while flying the P-40N before transitioning to the P-51B and adding two more to make ace with five.  He was shot down over Shanghai in April 1945, but evaded capture and returning to his unit a month later.

“Little Jeep” of Capt. Forrest “Jeep” Parham 75 FS 23 FG, Aeromaster 72-177 decals

Construction posts Part I here:

7 thoughts on “Arma Hobby North American P-51B of Capt. Forrest “Jeep” Parham in 1/72 Scale

  1. 😉😅😅Warren right mate🤓another brilliant build and again you fooled one of the guys, he asked where it was and do they fly it often 😅then I showed him your build shots😳.

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    1. Thanks Warren! My NMF is Alclad, I used several different shades for different details. Part IV of the construction posts has what shade was used where. I have been experimenting with getting the weathered look on NMF, the Mustangs have a thin layer of Dullcote cut with a little Glosscote. That gives a weathered look but the NMF still reflects from underneath.

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