Hasegawa Grumman Martlet III of 805 NAS in 1/72 Scale

805 Naval Air Squadron of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm operated in the Mediterranean protecting Allied merchant shipping.  In June 1941 they were based at Dekeila, Egypt, where they traded in their Brewster Buffalos for Grumman Martlet IIIs.  The model represents a Martlet III of 805 NAS in North Africa in 1941.  These aircraft were repainted in the field and the colors used are a matter of debate.  I used the Mid Stone / Dark Earth over Light Grey here.

Regardless of what is on the Hasegawa box, the basic kit inside is an F4F-4.  For this model the wings were replaced with Quickboost resin -3 wings and modifications made to the cowling.  The cockpit and wheelwells are True Details resin, an almost mandatory addition for the Hasegawa kit.  Decals are from Xtradecal sheet X72-141.

20 thoughts on “Hasegawa Grumman Martlet III of 805 NAS in 1/72 Scale

      1. Well, there was an orange tabby named Grumman snuggling with me when I typed that.
        And much like the ‘Iron Works’ aircraft he took damage and kept going; was rescued as an injured youngster along a 2 lane farm country highway. Veterinarian expected he would need at least one amputation: no amputations and he is 14 years old this year. Grumman cats are sturdy critters. 🙂

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    1. Scott, we got an orange tabby from the pound shortly after we got married in ’85, and I had to have him put down in ’03. 😦 Horace Greeley was a cranky fellow, but sweet and tough as nails as you well know.

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      1. And I’ll bet he issued a few ‘opinion pieces’ too. Ya hate when they go but man do they give to life while they are here.
        (Yes, we’ve been off on a tangent here but when talking about Grumman cats how can you not mention cats named Grumman!)
        And speaking of Grummans named for birds as is the Martlet, I am slooooowly, because of messy health, sporadically working on an Airfix 1/72 Widgeon to eventually send to a friend in UK who is making a RAF museum on her model railway. I’m a bit stuck on what to do with the props: forward section of engine cowls were a few mm narrower than fairings molded as part of wing top so I widened the cowlings & now have oval prop shaft holes. Also, the kit’s landing gear struts are overly delicate so I want to fabricate something sturdier using brass wire from my model railway supplies but I am out of the size wire desired and so are the stores.

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