RS Models Kawasaki Ki-100 Build in 1/72 Scale Part I

This is the RS Models Ki-100 kit number 92121. The kit was first released in 2012, and has been reboxed every few years afterwards. I added this one to the bench as a “tag along” to the Arma Hayate build to exploit the commonalities with the color pallets.
The RS kit is a limited run effort, which is in stark contrast to the CAD engineered high-pressure molding of a modern main-stream kit. There is some extra clean up and test fitting required, but the surface detail is nice. The engine and exhaust stubs are cast in resin and are well detailed.
The cockpit consists of nine parts. The canopy is a single piece and is closed, so this will be adequate. I replaced the control stick with plastic rod rather than try to clean up the kit part.
Push rods and ignition wires were added to dress up the resin engine. This doesn’t take much time to do once you get going, and engines really need some complexity of detail to look the part.
Limited run kits are known for their lack of locating pins and other alignment aids and this one is no exception. On the plus side, there are no sink marks to fill where the pins are. Test fitting revealed the cockpit parts are a bit wide at the top and needed some trimming to get the fuselage to close up properly.
I used Mr. Color Cockpit Green for the interior and added seatbelts made from masking tape. I have found the tape belts are usually perfectly adequate for closed-canopy models as the most visible component is the contrasting color. The resin exhaust stubs are fitted from inside the fuselage.
The engine was painted Alclad Aluminum and washed with black and brown to bring out the details. The gearbox was painted Blue Gray.

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