Arma Hobby Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate “Frank” of the 47th Sentai in 1/72 Scale

This aircraft is from the 3rd Chutai, 47th Sentai at Narimasu, Japan, February 1945.  The white bands under the Hinomaru are Home Defense bands, applied to aircraft operating from the Home Islands during the last year of the war.  The drop tanks were also associated with units based in Japan, they were painted yellow to allow for easier location and potential re-use.

Construction posts here:


11 thoughts on “Arma Hobby Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate “Frank” of the 47th Sentai in 1/72 Scale

      1. I never posted that build anywhere, the pictures aren’t very good. I built several of those at once, started with 6 of the old Hasegawa truck kits and wound up with 8 finished models, the line between “scratchbuilt” and “heavily modified” got blurred.

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  1. I like the Frank definitely – quite a colourful scheme! 🙂 But I also like the truck, mainly because I converted two of the Hasegawa ones to cargo trucks back in the 80s (I still have them, but they are not as impressive as yours. At least your picture confirms that I got the cargo body style right)!

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