Hasegawa Mitsubishi G4M2 “Betty” of the 708 Hikotai of the 762 Kokutai in 1/72 Scale

This is Hasegawa’s Mitsubishi G4M2 Type 1 Land Based Attack Bomber Model 22, Allied reporting name “Betty”.    It is marked as a machine of the 708 Hikotai of the 762 Kokutai.  This unit was decimated in the Philippines in 1944.  Insignia are painted using Maketar masks, the tail codes are from the kit and were well behaved.  I also used a canopy mask set which is very helpful with the greenhouse canopies.  You can see into the cockpit area through the canopy and to a lesser extent into the nose and tail positions.  It wouldn’t be a total waste to detail these areas although not an absolute requirement either.  The most useful reference I found was the Revi volume, very thorough with a separate plan sheet in 1/72 scale and color side profiles.  My subject is from one of the profiles in that book.