Hasegawa North American P-51D of Lt. Freddie Hutchins in 1/72 Scale

Freddie Hutchins scored his first aerial victory on 26JUL44 while escorting B-24 Liberators on a raid against Markendorf, Germany.  In August he was credited with four strafing victories in Romania.  On 06OCT44 the 302nd Fighter Squadron, 332nd Fighter Group was assigned another airfield to strafe at Megara, Greece.  This time Hutchens was not so lucky.  Pulling off his first run, his Mustang was hit by flak.  He managed to nurse his aircraft over a nearby mountain, but came down on the other side.  Although injured, Hutchins managed to evade capture and return to his unit with the help of local Greek civilians.  Freddie Hutchins survived the war, and went on to serve in Korea and Vietnam.


10 thoughts on “Hasegawa North American P-51D of Lt. Freddie Hutchins in 1/72 Scale

  1. Beautiful build as always Jeff. I sold my Hasegawa D at the MMCL show. I’ve got 2-3 Tamiya D’s in the stash. I know Arma Hobby is supposed to be coming out with a D, but I figure I’ll just save some cash and build my Tamiya D’s.

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      1. I feel that if a story is to be told, embellishing it with fictional situations for the sake of “drama”, or omitting relevant facts is disparaging. I know about the myths. Their many accomplishments in the face of such adversity were amazing.

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