North American B-25 Mitchell Color Photographs Part I – Production

B-25Cs roll down the assembly line at North American’s factory at Inglewood, California in 1942. The Mitchells in the foreground are nearing completion but are still missing their outer wing panels.
With the war on the factories were in operation round the clock and soon aircraft orders exceeded floor space. Aircraft rolled out of the factory and final assembly was performed on the Inglewood apron in the California sun. Here an unpainted B-25C leaves the factory doors to join others on the outside. Note that the aircraft are being painted even before the outer wing panels have been attached.
This Mitchell has received her wings and is nearing completion. Almost 10,000 B-25s of all variants were produced.
Edward doesn’t make a masking set for this job! Here workers mask off the nose transparencies in preparation for the painting of this Michell’s Olive Drab over Light Gray camouflage. Note that the canopy framing has already been painted, making the job a little easier.
A worker poses with a brand-new Wright R-2600 Twin Cyclone engine, giving an excellent view of colors and details of the engine, as well as construction of the engine dolly. The R-2600 developed 1,700 hp.
A worker checks the wiring harness of an R-2600. The paperwork traveled with the engine and is seen rolled up under her hands, and an identification number has been written in red on the crank case.
On the front of the firewall this worker is installing the engine mounts. These served as shock absorbers to reduce the transmission of engine vibrations to the airframe.
Workers install equipment in the nacelle and leading edge of the wing, a useful photograph for super detailers.
Engine assemblies awaiting installation after adding cowl rings and cooling flaps. The cowling opening was 36 inches (915 cm).
The moment of truth! An electric hoist is used to position the engine while final connections are made. The missing panels show the degree of access available for mechanics in the field.

Part II here:

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