LS Mitsubishi Ki-15-II “Babs” in 1/72 Scale

This is a build of the venerable LS Ki-15 “Babs” which was first released in 1976.  LS released several versions of this kit, including the Imperial Japanese Navy C5M version.  It has been re-boxed several times over the years, including under the Arii brand.  It is a great kit for its time, featuring very thin wing trailing edges and engraved panel lines.  The engine and cockpit detail are weak by today’s standards, but are relatively easy to fix.  Still a very buildable kit, and not hard to find at shows for a good price.

This example was photographed at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia after the war.  The camouflage was applied with a brush, and was very tedious but I like how it turned out.


17 thoughts on “LS Mitsubishi Ki-15-II “Babs” in 1/72 Scale

  1. Wow! That’s some serious brush work Jeff. Your weathering is all wrong. 😉 😉 😉 😉
    Seriously, great build. I’m sure you added some wiring to the radial engine as you always do, what did you do to update the interior?

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    1. Thanks Warren! Yes, I replaced the engine and the cockpit got seats and the basic consoles, which were casts from the Tamiya Seiran. You really can’t see much inside though, the cockpit openings are small and the canopy has so many frames.

      The photo looks like the camo job was fairly new. One thing the “chip ’em up” crowd overlooks is that every aircraft had a day when it was rolled out of the paintshop with new, pristine paint.

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  2. It certainly looks like airbrush work to me mate😃brilliant job and top marks from me. Long ago I wanted an Italian Marchetti but decided not to as I paled at doing the camouflage required😱.

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