Tamiya North American P-51D of Major Ray Wetmore in1/72 Scale

Ray Wetmore was a native of Kerman, California.  He flew with the 370th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group, scoring 4.25 victories with the P-47 Thunderbolt before the Group transitioned to the Mustang.  His best day was on 14FEB45 when he downed a trio of Focke-Wulf Fw 190s.  His last victory was an Me 163 Komet over Wittenberg on 15MAR45.  He was credited with 21.25 aerial victories plus 2 more on the ground.  He survived the war, but died while flying an F-86 Sabre in February 1951.  He reported that his aircraft was malfunctioning, but he stayed with it to avoid hitting civilian buildings on the ground.

“Daddy’s Girl” piloted by Major Ray Wetmore, 370 FS, 359 FG, East Wretham, Norfolk.  Tamiya kit, Fündeckals decals.


2 thoughts on “Tamiya North American P-51D of Major Ray Wetmore in1/72 Scale

  1. A sad end to what seems like a great man and pilot. Beautiful build. I know that decal manufacturer has offered some great decal sheets in the past, I wish I’d pulled the trigger on some when I first saw them.


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