Plastic Soldier M3 Stuart Honey in 1/72 Scale

These are builds of the Plastic Soldier M3 Stuart, representing ANZAC vehicles in North Africa.  The Plastic Soldier kits come three to a box and are intended for the wargame market.  The box contains no decals, so the markings here are from Star Decals sheet 72-A 1065.  The kits are simplified and quick to assemble, I added a few details such as headlights, grab handles, and tarps.  The .30 caliber guns on top of the turrets are from the Academy deuce and a half kits.

Construction posts here:

11 thoughts on “Plastic Soldier M3 Stuart Honey in 1/72 Scale

  1. Those M-3’s look really excellent! The level of detail for a war-gaming kit is quite impressive, as is your job of building and finishing them. I’ve been very impressed by the level of quality on on your builds

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  2. Jeff, I absolutely love these, and especially the small paint/camo variations between the three. I recall building the Hasegawa M3 when I was 12/13 and trying to recreate that Caunter scheme along with the red/white ID markings.
    Did the T/C figure come with the kits, or did you source that from somewhere else?

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