Atlantic Convoy Color Photographs Part I

These color photographs were taken by famed photographer Robert Capa.  Capa is best known for his work during the Spanish Civil War and action shots of Omaha Beach during the Normandy landings.  Most of his work was in black and white and he was known for not always sending along captions with his photographs.  He made at least two crossings of the Atlantic with convoys, it is possible that these photos represent a mixture of different ships from both.

One identifiable ship is the SS Hektoria, a 13,797 ton whaler useful for her extensive refrigerated holds.  She was damaged by U-211 and sunk by U-608 on 12SEP42.  The destroyer seen making smoke is HMS Harvester (H19).  She had two German submarines to her credit, but was torpedoed and sunk herself in March 1943. 

Part II here:

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