Hasegawa Hucks Starter Trucks in 1/72 Scale

This is the classic Hasegawa kit of the Toyota GB truck which was released in 1974.  The kit boxing is of a Hucks aircraft starter truck, which was used to start aircraft engines.  I built one kit as the standard starter truck, but replaced all the oversized shafts and supports with thinner rods.  The cargo truck was a rather straight-forward conversion, the kit bed was cut off and a new one built up from Evergreen strip.  The cargo was built up from various bits and copies were cast in resin to make several different loads.


14 thoughts on “Hasegawa Hucks Starter Trucks in 1/72 Scale

  1. I absolutely love these! I can remember as a kid when these came out, I was so excited about them. If memory serves, Hasegawa came out with two boxings and each one included a truck, and a/c kit, and a revetment. I really wanted those sets.
    Beautiful work on these, I’ve wanted to build mine up to use with my a/c builds.

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  2. Hi Jeff,

    As is the norm for you, very nice work on both Toyota trucks. I would like to do a GS conversion as you have done. Do you have a work-in-progress post for these trucks? Failing that, would you please let me know where you sourced the dimensions for the GS body? Thanks so much for any help you can offer.

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    1. Thanks Marc! There is not a lot of information on the GS trucks. I just built the bed to fit the frame, and made it the same style as the other Japanese trucks. There’s no build thread, I checked my files – I took some bench pictures but didn’t make any notes.


  3. Hello Jeff

    Attached is an image of an actual starter truck. This was located at a the Japanese airfield at But, in the Wewak area Papua New Guinea. The vehicle has a shorter wheel base as too three others that we inspected but the one photographed was in a better state than the others, although if memory servs me well, we also located another starter truck that had a slightly longer wheel base. Also from memory, this truck was made by Nissan with a nearby small truck was made by Ford and was left-hand drive, unlike the other vehicles that were righthand drive.

    Hope you survived the New Year celebrations. It is good that you government has been supporting Ukraine with funds and weapons especially the HIMARS. The Russians have made some incredibly atrocious decisions and if anything, Putin should never have attempted his invasion.

    Kind regards

    Bruce Hoy

    Brisbane, Australia

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  4. Jeff – Tried another means and still no joy. As the photograph may be of interest to fellow modellers, I think it should be seen. As you have my mailing address can you send me an email to which I can reply and attach said photograph, as well as any others that may be of interest. Cheers, Bruce

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