Isuzu Type 94 Trucks in 1/72 Scale

I thought these trucks would be a straight-forward conversion of the Hasegawa Type 97 fuel truck kit, just add an extra axel in the rear and a cargo bed.  It turned out just about everything was slightly different on the Type 94.  I wound up re-shaping the hoods and scratchbuilding the frames.  The fenders were vacuformed, and the wheels are resin copies of the Hasegawa kit’s.  The cargo beds were built from Evergreen.

7 thoughts on “Isuzu Type 94 Trucks in 1/72 Scale

  1. Those are really nice, Jeff! 🙂 Once again, I like the hardtop version! Meant to ask you before, what have you used for the basic truck colour? I tend to use Humbrol 110 to represent Japanese Artillery Brown, but I like the colour you’ve used!

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    1. Thanks John! These are older builds, I didn’t document the color. I do think it should be just a tad darker though. There are a few of these trucks in the three tone camo like you see on Japanese armor, but that’s rare.

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      1. OK, thanks Jeff! 🙂 The colour you’ve used seems very close to modern renditions of the Japanese Parched Grass basic colour scheme. I’ve found that interpretations of Japanese AFV colours have changed over the years and I still find it difficult to decide what to use!

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