Invasion of Poland 1939 Color Photographs, Hugo Jaeger Collection Part I

These are color photographs taken by German photographer Hugo Jaeger.  They are currently held in the Life Magazine archives.

A line-up of captured Polish TKS tankettes. The TKS carried a crew of two and were armed with either a machine gun or 20 mm cannon.
An abandoned TK-3 tankette. The unit symbol of an arm with a sword has not been identified.
Another abandoned TK-3.
A burnt-out Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf C in Warsaw.
A bridge near Sochaczew which has been dropped. Bridges are prime targets and can be destroyed by either attacking or defending forces as circumstances dictate.
Another destroyed bridge North of Warsaw, with a military pontoon bridge erected next to it.
Surrendered Polish Army soldiers are checked by Germans.
Captured Polish soldiers and a medic.
Naval mines at the Baltic port of Gdynia. Fuses for the mines are piled behind.
Paravanes, which are used to sweep moored mines, with mines at Gdynia.
Abandoned Polish Wz.29 armored car.

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