Fly Fiat G.50 Build in 1/72 Scale Part I

This is a relatively new release from Fly, kit number 72039 in their 2019 Fiat G.50 family. This is one of those subjects which was used by several air forces in several different schemes, and Fly has issued boxings with both the markings and detail differences to cover several options. The problem is definitely deciding which subject to build!
The basic sprues really don’t have an overwhelming number of parts, which is a welcome change from how some manufacturers would have handled this subject. There is a small resin casting to handle a few finer pieces. One really, really nice consideration which I wish more manufacturers would emulate is the mass balances for the ailerons, the subject needs four but the kit contains five as they are easily lost. Good on you, Fly!
I added a few enhancements to the cockpit from Evergreen. The cockpit opening is small so all of this will be difficult to see unless you are one of those guys with the little flashlights at the model shows. There were no surprises with the fit of the cockpit.
This the cockpit all painted up. The contrasting colors show up pretty well, but the sidewall details tend to get lost in the shadows.
The engineering on this kit is superb, there are no seams to speak of. It’s nice to have this kind of fit on a model! Everything lined up perfectly and responded well to MEK.
There are no masks in the kit but the windscreen is small so this is not a big deal. The G.50 canopy was open on the top which would make the type interesting to fly over the Eastern Front!

Part II here:


9 thoughts on “Fly Fiat G.50 Build in 1/72 Scale Part I

  1. Talking of the Airfix model – or rather let’s not. This looks good Jeff. Surprised there’s no Finnish scheme available. And I’ve never seen anyone at a model show with a flashlight !

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    1. Fly does a boxing with Finnish schemes. There’s three different versions, IIRC the fuselage termination is different in each. The flashlight crowd is a real thing over here, especially when judging!

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