Super Model Fiat G.55S Silurante in 1/72 Scale

The Silurante was a one-off effort to convert the excellent Centauro fighter into a torpedo-bomber.  The radiator was split into two units, one under each wing, to allow the torpedo to be carried under the fuselage.  The two machine guns in the cowling were removed to save weight, and the tailwheel was extended to allow clearance for the torpedo.  The modified airframe (MM.91086) was tested in this configuration in March 1945 and was found to be a success, but it was not put into production due to the deteriorating war situation.

I have depicted the model in Luftwaffe day fighter colors of RLM 74 / 75 / 76. This is one of the options which match the tones in photographs and the scheme would be effective for over-water operations in these colors.  The actual colors used by the ANR on the Silurante are unknown, and the aircraft is also depicted in a combination of Italian Dark Green over Sand. 


11 thoughts on “Super Model Fiat G.55S Silurante in 1/72 Scale

    1. It sure looks like it would work! The Italian colors of green over tan would work well on the airfield, so part of the question is if the camo was intended for concealment on the ground or over the water.

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