LS Nakajima Ki-43-I Hayabusa “Oscar” LCOL Takeo Kato, CO of the 64th Sentai in 1/72 Scale

Takeo Kato opened his account while flying Ki-10 “Perry” biplane fighters during the Sino-Japanese War in 1937-38, where he was credited with nine victories over Chinese aircraft.  After rotating out of China, he was part of a Japanese delegation which traveled to Europe to inspect Luftwaffe units.  At the beginning of the Pacific War he was the Commanding Officer of the 64th Sentai, which frequently clashed with British units and the American Volunteer Group.  On 22MAY42 he and his group intercepted a Blenheim IV from 60 Squadron RAF.  Kato’s Oscar was hit by return fire and crashed into the sea.  He was credited with 18 aerial victories at the time.