Invasion of Bulgaria Color Photographs, Hugo Jaeger Collection Part VI

These are color photographs taken by German photographer Hugo Jaeger.  They are currently held in the Life Magazine archives.  These were likely taken in April and May of 1941.

A Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 of JG 27 undergoes an engine change at Svrety-Vrak airfield, near Kresna Pass, Bulgaria.
A Junkers Ju 87 Stuka at Svrety-Vrak airfield. Note the canvas covers over the propeller blades, canopy, and covering the wing insignia.
More Bf 109s at Svrety-Vrak airfield.
Tents and transport at Svrety-Vrak, with aircraft parked in the background.
Kresna Pass, showing the rough terrain.
Kresna Pass again, there is little room for oncoming vehicles to pass.
German motorcycle troops pause for a photograph with Bulgarian women.
German supply wagons pass through a Bulgarian city.
A motorcycle rider pauses for a drink.
Bulgarian artillery unit.

Hugo Jaeger color photographs part VII here:


8 thoughts on “Invasion of Bulgaria Color Photographs, Hugo Jaeger Collection Part VI

  1. The license plate on the front fender of the motorcycle in the second to last photo is interesting. I’m not expert, but all of the plate prefixes I’ve seen have been:
    WH- for Heer
    WL- for Luftwaffe
    SS- for Wafffen SS

    I don’t recall seeing a plate with an “IK” prefix.

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  2. Great photos again👍🏻strangely enough it was the terrain that caught my eye at first , though they must be taken in North Africa, was a bit stunned to see that it was Bulgaria as I always thought that it would be forested not at all barren like in the photos. Keep up the educational work mate 😆😅👍🏻.

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