Dunkirk Color Photographs – Hermann Weper Collection

Hermann Weper was an Officer assigned to Maschinengewehr Bataillon 52 during the Battle of France.  In June 1940 his unit was in Dunkirk, and he took these photographs immediately after the evacuation ended.

This is the French Navy Subchaser “Chasseur 9”. She was bombed on 21MAY40 and beached to prevent sinking. She is armed with a 75 mm gun on the fo’c’sle and carries depth charges amidships. Interesting is the Universal Carrier chained to her bow.
Vehicles of Motorsturm 13 on the beach with a 20 mm Flak gun barely visible to the left. Note the colors of the tunics and trousers of the troops.
A 20 mm Flak gun covered with a Zeltbahn shelter half, ammo cans surround the gun within easy access. Likely this gun is assigned to the same unit as the previous photo, possibly the same gun.
The Louis Bleriot memorial. German transport and abandoned vehicles line the beach, with disabled ships lying offshore.
Surrendered French troops pushing a Universal Carrier off the road.
German troops push their 3.7 cm PAK past abandoned Universal Carriers. It is estimated the British left enough material behind at Dunkirk to equip more than eight Divisions.
German Officers confer along a roadside. Modelers should note the variations in uniform colors visible in this photograph.
Same location as the previous photo, German and French Officers talk by the roadside.
Still the same location, French troops pass by.

More color photographs from Dunkirk here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2023/02/01/dunkirk-color-photographs-hugo-jaeger-collection-part-iii/

9 thoughts on “Dunkirk Color Photographs – Hermann Weper Collection

  1. Those trousers in the second photograph are certainly interesting! I’ve seen early war Steingrau trousers, and this period sees the first issues of Feldgrau trousers, but I’ve not seen brown/olive trousers until now. I’d love to know the origins of that. Interestingly, they seem to be the same shade as the French uniforms: captured stocks perhaps? I know how two weeks to a month of training in the field took a toll on my trousers, one can only imagine that heavily engaged Heer troops got pretty ragged, and most of the supply tonnage was taken up by fuel and ammo.
    I recently listened to a podcast on the German side of Dunkirk, it was very enlightening!

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  2. Very interesting photos!
    BTW, I suppose main gun on the Chasseur is naval version of popular 75mm field gun. It was widely used also in Polish Navy.

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