Republic F-84 Thunderstreak Walk Around Part II

Photographs taken at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force (NMUSAF) at Dayton, Ohio.

Part I here:


4 thoughts on “Republic F-84 Thunderstreak Walk Around Part II

  1. That second image looking at the intake intersects with where I just recently bought one of Revell Germany’s reissues of Monogram’s 1/48 scale (1.5 inch high guys) F-84F from way back when. Kit instructions say to paint the intake interior a 50/50 mix of fern green and yellow gloss & I’m thinking, NO,
    Not ZnCRO4 color, something else.
    So, I’m happy to see natural metal in this picture.

    Which, yes, I know, only really addresses that specific airframe at that specific time, but, hey, I’m not out to represent a specific F-84F and it justifies at least one non-use of ZnCRO4.

    Picture also shows what looks to be a radar cover which the kit does not address.

    Kit cockpit and pilot are going in a Lindberg Convair XFY-1 Pogo; kit drop tanks and stores are going to sci-fi builds; kit will be built, eventually, with aftermarket cockpit, donated pilot, and non-Thunderbirds markings.

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