Fine Molds Messerschmitt Bf 109 Batch Build in 1/72 Scale Part I

Fine Molds began releasing their Bf 109 kits in 2005. They cover all the variants from the F-2 through the K-4, with the odd exception of the tall tail versions of the G-series. The engineering and detail of these kits is superb, they are “box shakers” and go together quickly. One of my long-term goals is to model the mounts of all the Luftwaffe Experten with over 100 victories, and the Fine Molds kits are an ideal choice for a batch build when you need a lot of Messerschmitts.
Long ago when the Squadron Shop was in the habit of having monthly sales they ran a special on resin cockpits for Bf 109s and Fw 190s for a Dollar apiece. I did the only logical thing and ordered a couple dozen of each, painted them up, and put them back for future use. These are almost the last of them.
After a few quick modifications the resin cockpits drop right into the Fine Molds fuselages. Closing up the fuselages on day one of a build is a great head start.
Fine Molds has a standard sprue for the F and the G and covers the different versions by adding or substituting parts to account for the changes as Messerschmitt modified the design. An example is here with the F-2 through G-4 cowling panels on top and the G-6 cowl panels on the bottom. Other modifications are handled in a similar manner with small sprues being swapped out to account for various changes. The boxing which contains the most parts (and the most versatility) is the Finnish G-6.
One challenge when doing batch builds is keeping everything organized. I generally lay out the kits chronologically and keep notes or profiles in the boxes for quick reference. The boxes act as trays to keep the parts in order. These boxes are perfect for that and I will save a few of them, I keep a few top-opening boxes in reserve for use when kits come in the dreaded end-opening boxes.

Part II here:


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